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3D Apollo Lunar Surface Images. Between 1969 and 1972, the pioneering Apollo explorers, who blazed the first trails to another world, personified American Exceptionalism at its finest. During this period, they took thousands of photographs in color and in black & white of rocks and boulders, mountains and craters, and breathtaking panoramic views of their surroundings. The Apollo lunar surface images are a scientific and historical treasure, scenes which should be seen by everyone through the eyes of the photographers. Fortunately, with the aid of modern computer software many of these images can be so viewed in 3D. A selection of approximately 180 such photos produced by the author from each of the six Apollo landing missions comprise Volume 1 of the book, Apollo on the Moon in Perspective: 3D Anaglyph Composites by Ronald A. Wells. An 80 Mb PDF file of this book is available to the reader by [clicking here]. It is a revised version of an earlier edition posted here, which now includes 3D anaglyphs and related photos of a special search for a rock sample brought back from Taurus-Littrow Valley by Jack Schmitt. The stereo photos that Schmitt made of the sample in situ were never used to determine the orientation of the rock. Consequently, paleomagnetic studies were never carried out. The new material will now allow such studies to be made. The book requires a pair of red-cyan (or red-blue) anaglyph glasses for viewing, which can be readily obtained from Amazon or other online specialty sites. The quality of the perceived depth varies, depending on the color of the lenses. The author has found that minimal ghosting occurs when the red (left eye) lens is a deep red color, rather than a lighter red, and when cyan is the color of the right lens. Because of the large file size, download times will depend on the user’s ISP.